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People Over Profits!

Re-imagine Austin

Imagine using our human capital for a more equitable Austin.  We can use our potential to make Austin a livable city for all of our citizens; new and age-old.  We can support the people of Austin by requiring businesses, according to their size, to support, not exploit, our communites.  There are reasons why Austin has grown out of reach for so many of us and our loved ones.  Through many weeks of brainstorming and discussion with friends and fellow Austinites, I have assembled some actionable steps that can be put into effect to make Austin more livable and more affordable for everyone, not just the 13.6% of people who make 238K or more.  We can start the ripple in the water that grows our communities and re-imagines a sustainable way to go forward.  Everyone we have talked to while gathering signatures has voiced their concern about Austin and how they, too, would like to be part of a compassionate society.  We can only make that happen by supporting each other.



My campaign is all about compassion.  I have recognized that what I have had access to in life was a result of white privilege.  My success is partly based on the subjugation of others. I have worked to change that by sharing what I have with others.
I am a progressive thinker with strong morals.  As an AISD teacher at Northeast Early College High School FKA Reagan, I taught my students about having a growth mindset, because I believe you can never be too smart or try too hard.  I hope my students (and my children) also learned that compassion is our greatest strength as a society. I believe in  doing with less so others can have a fair share.  I know that together-with compassion as a guiding light and motivator-we can improve our own lives as well as the lives of ALL Austinites.  
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