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Climate & Environment

Climate change is the most vital issue facing all life on the planet today.  It is a world issue that needs to be addressed at all levels. While the State of Texas ignores it, the City of Austin will address it. We must push to achieve Austin’s goal of Zero Waste and Zero Emissions by 2040. 

I Propose that we...

  • Make mass-transit more functional, practical and appealing than private vehicles (see public transit)

  • Mandate that all businesses within the city limits have on-site recycling and compost and a contract to pick it up. Enforce it!

  • Make Austin an idle-free city.  An hour of automobile idling burns approximately one-fifth of a gallon of gas and releases nearly 4 pounds of CO2 into the air. Park in the shade, open the windows, or go into the air-conditioned building you’re waiting in front of.  Take your doggy in too, or leave her at home. Or pay a fine.  That goes for police vehicles as well.

  • Commit resources to educating and re-educating the population about single stream recycling and composting, the maintenance of waste and where it goes.  

  • Continue funding the incentive programs to upgrade residential and commercial appliances.

  • Install rooftop solar in all new construction.

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