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Not only is the healthcare system in this country the most expensive in the world, it also DOES NOT WORK! Health decisions across the country are made based on insurance company profits, not the needs of the people. Until we get universal healthcare in the U.S., we need to find some local solutions.

I propose that we:

  • Get our Medicaid expansion on the ballot: Let the residents of Texas decide if they want Medicaid.  Work with and encourage other cities to do the same. Create a referendum. Let's not allow the governor and legislature decide what care we receive. Let the people decide, I read somewhere that is how democracy is supposed to work.  

  • Create a Health Care consortium with Travis County for Travis County.  Travis county provides 1.4 million to the Dell Medical school to provide health care to the uninsured through the MAPS program. If we can’t get it at the national or state level, let’s do it here.

  • Increase mental health care!  We need more Social Workers, incentivize pursuing a degree in Social work and working for the city for 3-5 years and the City will pay for part of your student loans.  We need to help our citizens.  

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