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Get Money
Out of Politics

Political contributions are known to influence the integrity of office holders.  Political races have become little more than a fundraising competition. Typical reporting tells us foremost who is “strongest” according to how much money they have raised.  Those with little money behind them are ignored.  Those with the most money get the most press before they even spend anything. Issues are secondary, even trivial. Is raising money a qualification? I’m not playing that game. I stand on the issues. Solutions to problems.

I am the only candidate committed to spending less than a grand on my campaign. $2.3 million spent on campaigns* in Austin? I can think of better ways to spend it. The junk-mail in my mailbox alone from one election is overwhelming. Times what, 20 or 30 thousand? Waste! Let’s remove potential for corruption, even the playing fields, and vote on issues, not advertising.

I propose to:

  • Limit city election campaigns to $2000 for mayoral and $1000 for city council candidates (down from $120,000 and $75,000 respectively).  

  • Offer equal time and invitations to any candidate running in all forums and media.  The city will have forums and an ad fund so citizens have the opportunity to know the candidates and the proposals.  Ads must be fact-checked.


I have finally put a DONATE button on my website.  Because my spending is limited to a percentage of what I raise, I will accept donations until our campaign receives $940.00.  But I don’t want your money so much as your VOTE! 

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