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The homeless are not those people. They are our people. With the cost of living becoming more unaffordable, not just in Austin, but everywhere, the homeless population is growing.  Human beings who may have had worse breaks or less support than some of us.  Less than me, anyway.  I have several friends and family members who would certainly be living on the streets if they didn’t have some compassionate support to help them through.  As fellow human beings it is our duty to help those less fortunate than us get to their feet. 

I propose that we:

  • Collaborate with Community First! Village and Foundation Communities. These are two phenomenal working programs that have helped countless low-income and homeless people.  They are successful because they don’t only provide housing for people, they provide community. I will work with them to continue these programs within the urban area.

  • Increase funding for mental health assistance and staffing, so assistance programs can actually assist.

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