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“Education has become an issue that every mayor must make a top priority in order to build the foundations for future prosperity and quality of life.  Our goal is to create a strong community environment that supports better schools and student achievement by using city services and resources.” - Ron Gonzales, former Mayor of San Jose, California 1999-2007.


Being able to send your kids to public school contributes to making Austin a sustainable place to live.  Austin’s public school system has a declining student population.  When we sent our kids to AISD 20 years ago, the school district was responsive and worked for us. I think it should work for everybody. The City of Austin could offer preschool programs, and quality after school programs.  Encourage parents to get more involved in their children’s lives.   I am a strong public school advocate, I have taught in the school district with some of the most devoted and passionate people in our city.  Since COVID there has been an exodus of teachers and students. We need to support AISD, without becoming involved in the day to day operations.  I can’t improve on the former Mayor of San Jose’s framework. ​

With regards to AISD’s  2.44 Billion that will be on the November ballot: Please open the linked document here. Look at it, read it, gaze over it.  The Austin school board is reporting that this is an equity bond.  They can say whatever they want because they are also betting that no one will read it.

I propose that:

  • The City of Austin appoint a committee to negotiate a  partnership with AISD; and 

  • Desegregate Austin Independent School District. Currently students from the Mueller development located on the East side of I-35, are bussed to McCallum, which is on the west side, overcrowded, and more then 4 miles away. There are two closer, under enrolled High Schools on the east side.  This is based on house values and racial bias, not community, inclusion or equitable living.

  • Increase access to career training needed to have tech opportunities.

  • Diversify "The Classics" in School curriculums; include more than the Anglo perspective on American History, World literature, American Literature, anything American

  • Ensure that science-based sex education be taught in public schools.

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