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One of the reasons I have loved Austin since I moved here in 1993 is that there was an acceptance of great diversity, evidenced strongly by a large LGBQT community.  I have always fought for equality and respect for all walks of life, particularly for those discriminated against: women, people of color, the LGBQT community, and the aged.  I grew up with a gay brother in a world that was much harsher toward LGBQT people than today. I have always made a point to live in neighborhoods of very diverse cultures, to volunteer with my children to serve the underserved, and to drag them to protests and rallies so that they are  understanding and accepting of all people. I appreciate the progress I have seen in our world, yet know there is quite a long way to go. 


Fight for Rights of All People

I believe that discrimination against  women, people of color and the LGBTQ community is rooted in white, misogynist, patriarchal, oligarchic, right-wing, religious values that dominate our society.  The antithesis of this is compassion.  We, all of us with compassion – LGBTQIA+, people of color, women, the aged, the economically disadvantaged, the homeless, those with disabilities, and even straight white males – need to unite to push a compassionate agenda.  I will do my part by proposing and voting for compassionate ordinances and laws regardless of whether they will be overruled by or are “not legal” in the eyes of the state.  We need to hammer those idiots and haters with compassion until it starts to seep in.

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