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Women's Rights

I’ve always been well aware of the seemingly invisible workings of the patriarchy we live in, of being discriminated against as a woman, and disturbingly aware of the many teenage students I saw get pregnant and repeat their cycle of poverty and struggle as a result.  Women having the right to control what happens to their own bodies is essential to a healthy society.  Countries that have the right to choose and educate citizens about sex, sexuality, and sexual preferences have much lower abortion, death-in-childbirth, and fetal fatality rates. 

In Austin I have walked pregnant women across hostile lines for them to get abortion services.  At the risk of losing my job as a teacher, I had private and class discussions about teenage pregnancy, birth control and abortion.  At the onset of dating, I took my own children and their boyfriends/girlfriends to Planned Parenthood to discuss sex and birth control so that when they had sex, they would have it responsibly and enjoy it.  And after having 3 of my own children, my husband and I discussed a vasectomy. He says having the vasectomy was the second-best decision he’s made in his life – after marrying me, of course.​

  • I am in full support of Austin’s GRACE Act; deprioritizing the investigation or enforcement of any charges related to pregnancy and abortion in Austin. 

  • I further support blocking the use of any city funding or other resources for information sharing, data collection and surveillance related to abortion services and other reproductive health decisions.

I also propose that the City of Austin:

  • Ensures that science-based sex education be taught in public schools.

  • Offers free vasectomies to all men over the age of 18.  Mandate vasectomies for rapists.

  • Offers free birth control and birth control counsel to all. 

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