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Business Redevelopment

I’m a Progressive.  I’m pro-people. I’m pro-social-safety-net.  I have no problem with corporations if they are paying their fair share. Austin business needs to support our citizens and community.  Small local businesses usually do that naturally.  Larger businesses and corporations often do not.  In Texas we don’t have a state income tax.  That doesn’t mean we don’t pay taxes.  Residents of Austin pay for transportation bonds, education bonds, homeless bonds from the assessed value of their property tax.  There are 3 bonds on the November ballot totaling more than 3 billion dollars.​ Why do homeowners have to carry all this burden? Meanwhile we must support our local businesses that help define our community.

I propose that we:

  • Make a Corporate Tax similar to an HOA.  Corporations will be assessed a fee for the maintenance of our resources that they are using;  our human capital, power, water and roads.

  • Legislate Employee Rights. Require fair wages and benefits for employees working on the buildings and for companies in Austin.  Similar to the agreement the COA made with Apple Computer and the Workers Defense Fund.  Shout-out to Chito Vela!

  • Initiate a city-run program available only to local businesses to provide rapid delivery and subsidies to help offer competitive prices so our local businesses can compete with the likes of amazon and Walmart. Participating businesses would pay dues based on their size and annual profits.

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